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How To Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains The Dad Way In 2024

Pencil pleat curtains are the sliced bread of curtains, fact. The best thing is that learning how to hang pencil pleat curtains is an absolute piece of cake, and I’m going to tell you how.

With a house full of pencil pleat curtains, I’m the right dad to guide you to a successful hanging experience.

This curtain style is ideal for classic and traditional homes, and it looks great in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

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The level of control you have over the final appearance when they’re adequately hung is a huge standout feature and readily customised. You can attach them to a curtain pole for a more traditional look.

They also make an excellent choice for bay windows. This keeps the pleats neatly gathered, whether the curtains are tied back or closed.

I will share my best ‘top tips’ on how to hang pencil pleat curtains below for a professional fitting. Let’s get into it.

how to hang pencil pleat curtains

Before You Hang Your Pencil Pleat Curtains

Getting your curtain game on point is a task that’s no stranger to us dads. Before we start, you need to know the below before the curtain rings can be used.

Picking Your Curtains

Pencil pleat curtains are available in various colours, sizes, styles, and materials. Whether you prefer bold, eye-catching patterns or more laid-back, neutral patterns, there will be a style to suit you, complete with matching tie-backs.

What About A Curtain Pole?

If a new curtain pole also needs to be installed, lift it 10 cm above the window frame and 5-10 cm out from each side. 

The pole should be ten centimetres higher than the frame. But before you start hammering, measure the window and plan your move so that the curtain hangs precisely where you want it.

Curtain Height and Heavyweights

Make sure your pencil pleat curtains are the correct size. They should be larger than the area they cover. 

Aim for twice the length of the curtain track or pole. If you use double curtains, make them meet in the middle with some overlap.

Check the curtains’ length and width. Deciding whether you want them sweeping the floor or hanging higher up would be best. Take a tape measure and measure the height and width of your space.

how to hang pencil pleat curtains

How To Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains

When those new curtains arrive, it’s curtain call time at your house. Pencil pleat curtains are more challenging to hang than eyelet curtains, but the result is worth the effort. 

Let’s lay out the game plan for a lightning-fast setup.

Secure the Curtain Rings

First, tie up those loose cords at one end of the header tape. Skipping this step is like leaving the backdoor open; you will witness the header tape unwinding.

Measure Up

It’s time to get out the measuring tape. Make sure you size the window width, and remember to give yourself a few centimetres of elbow room.


Grab the pleat strings and start tugging. You aim to shape the pleat strings all even- even. Keep at it until the curtains stretch across the width you measured with your measuring tape earlier.

Cord Control

Once you’ve nailed the pleating, tie up the cords with a slip knot so you can rest assured your curtains won’t unravel.

Even Out The Pleats

It’s time to ensure those pleats are all the same size and evenly distributed across the top row. A little tug here and there along the string should get those pleats singing in harmony.

Hook ‘Em Up

Attach those curtain rings. If you have a curtain track or pole, attach it to the pockets’ top, middle, or bottom rows.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

This is where your partner can gain her bragging rights by ‘teaching’ you how to hang pencil pleat curtains. Get them to lend a hand as you put those curtains on the pole or track. Keep those pleats tight and in formation, and don’t give her any credit afterwards.

Stand Back

Admire your handy work; this part is key. Your hard work has achieved an elegant look across your window frame, and you now deserve a hard-earned beverage.

how to hang pencil pleat curtains


Pencil pleat curtains are versatile in that they can be installed on both track and pole systems. Tab top and eyelet curtains, on the other hand, must be mounted on a curtain pole drilled into the wall.
When it comes to pinch and goblet pleat curtains, you can hang them from either a curtain track or a pole.
The critical thing to remember is that because these curtain styles hang below the fixture, whether it’s a track or a pole, it will be visible when the curtains are drawn back.

Attach the appropriate hooks to your pencil pleat tape to facilitate the proper size and hanging of your curtains. Curtain tracks benefit from 28mm Gather Hooks, while Rod Sets with Rings benefit from 32mm Gather Hooks.
You can hang your new curtains once the hooks are securely attached.

Divide the number of rings on the pole by 2 to determine the hooks required for each curtain. Begin at the outside edge, inserting the hooks into every fourth or sixth pocket, depending on the width of the curtain. Make sure the hooks are evenly spaced across the board.

To achieve the best results with this curtain heading style, aim for a fullness that is 2.25 times the width of the rail. This ensures that the pencil pleats have enough fullness to cover the entire width of the window from the curtain’s leading edge when closed.

The Bottom Line

And there you have it, the ultimate dad guide on how to hang pencil pleat curtains. Get ready to bask in the glory of your perfectly hung curtains, showcasing your DIY prowess for all to see.

Following the simple steps above will yield the best results on hanging your pencil pleat curtains and ensuring your home remains stylish.

How To Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains

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