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The Best Underfloor Heating Kits To Keep Your Feet Warm in 2024

Keeping my feet warm is a high priority in my house. This is why choosing the best underfloor heating kit was essential when laying underfloor heating in my bathroom.

It’s so good and is a great addition.

As a fond DIY enthusiast who spent hours researching the best underfloor heating kits across the world wide web, the underfloor heating business has a lot to offer.

The Underfloor Heating World Mat Kit answered all my needs and was a superb winner in a tight race for number one.

It was a good price and met all the criteria in my strict buying guide.

You may have different needs to me, so I’ve included my top five underfloor heating kits.

All was researched when planning my underfloor heating project. Each has passed my key scoring method to ensure they are the best kits on the market.

Our Best Underfloor Heating Kits

Best Underfloor Heating Kits Reviewed

I have rigorously reviewed all underfloor heating kits to ensure they represent value for money and good service from the company selling them. They also meet all test requirements of IEC 60335.

Underfloor Heating World Mat Kit 200W

underfloor heating kits

  • Power Rating – 200W
  • Floor Type – Can be used under all floor types
  • Coverage: You can select anywhere between 0.5SQM – 30SQM to purchase based on the size of your room
  • Width – The kit is 500mm wide.
  • Warranty Included – Underfloor Heating World offers a lifetime warranty
  • Thermostat Included? – You can choose from 6 different thermostats for this underfloor heating kit 
  • Best For: Overall

This heat mat is the kit I chose to install under my bathroom floor, so I’ve graded it the best overall.

Being 200W, it provides a quick delivery of heat to my floor, and the heating remains strong throughout the day. You can also buy 150W.

The Thermostat is a prominent key component for your underfloor heating kit. There are a host of different thermostat options to choose from. The one I chose is good quality and aesthetically pleasing on my wall.

Being a Dad DIY enthusiast, I attempted to install my underfloor heating myself. I loved how easy the installation process was, even for me.

It was very straightforward, and the instructions given were easy to follow.

The warranty offered is lifetime, which was also a big selling point for me. I’m confident I will never have to use it due to the quality of the kit.

Postage is also next-day delivery, and I received great service throughout the buying period.

Prowarm 150W Underfloor Heating Mat

best underfloor heating kits

  • Power Rating – 150W/200W based on choice
  • Floor Type – Can be used under all floor types
  • Coverage: You can select anywhere between 1SQM and 12SQM to purchase based on the size of your room
  • Width – The kit is 500mm wide.
  • Warranty Included – A lifetime warranty is offered.
  • Thermostat Included? – No, must purchase separately.
  • Best For: Quality

Prowarm is known for its quality, and its product range of underfloor heating kits certainly proves that reputation.

Although lightweight, this impressive piece of kit is very durable, and the glass fibre mesh feels very rigid and versatile. No PVC coatings are used in the materials whatsoever.

It has a strong adhesive to stick your kit to the floor, and when we went to test it, we had a lot of trouble getting it off afterwards. It indeed boasts a good quality hold.

We found the heat output excellent after firing it up for a test run. However, we were comparing it to a 200W mat, so naturally, it was a lower temperature on our readings.

Again, this includes a lifetime warranty, which is great, and the instructions on laying this kit are very straightforward.


Underfloor Heating World Foil Kit 150W

underfloor heating kits

  • Power Rating – 150W
  • Floor Type – This can be used under all floor types, including wet areas.
  • Coverage: You can select anywhere between 0.5SQM and 30SQM to purchase based on the size of your room
  • Width – The kit is 500mm wide.
  • Warranty Included – A lifetime warranty is offered.
  • Thermostat Included? – Yes, you can pick from 8 different thermostats.
  • Best For: Best Foil Kit

When shopping around, I did consider a foil mat that I could just lay under my wood flooring. This certainly was the best one I came across.

Thinner than your fibre mesh kits, installing the foil kit is slightly more convenient. No need to glue or screed.

The versatility could be improved, where you can cut, trim, and twist your fibre and foil kits, but the foil could be more versatile. The cutting point is around every 20cm, which is still achievable.

You will be required to attach more elements to each mat you lay due to the nature of the setup, and the installation process is slightly more lengthy.

The heating efficiency is excellent. Your whole room will heat up within seconds at an even pace, warming your feet at a moment’s notice and reducing the power consumption.

Warmup SPM1 Stickymat Underfloor Heating 150W

underfloor heating kits

  • Power Rating – 150W
  • Floor Type – This can be used under all floor types.
  • Coverage: You can select anywhere between 1SQM and 14SQM to purchase based on the size of your room
  • Width – The kit is 500mm wide.
  • Warranty Included – A lifetime warranty is offered.
  • Thermostat Included? – No, You will need to purchase the warmup thermostat separately.
  • Best For: Best Installation

Suitable for all types of floors, this ‘easy’ underfloor heating kit slots straight in when you need something quick and straightforward.

The instructions are very straightforward, and you will save time during installation.
It has a pressure-sensored adhesive, making fixing to the floor seamless. At the same time, you can reposition without compromising the hold.

The mat is skinny. If you’re using a self-levelling adhesive after the installation, no bumps or rogue bits of wire should be visible.

The heating efficiency is very good for such a ‘thin’ product, providing a quick delivery of heat to the floor.

Underfloor Heating World Cable Kit 150W

underfloor heating kits

  • Power Rating – 150W
  • Floor Type – Tiles preferred.
  • Coverage: You can select anywhere between 0.5SQM and 24SQM to purchase based on the size of your room
  • Warranty Included – A lifetime warranty is offered.
  • Thermostat Included? – Yes.
  • Best For: Best Cable Kit

The cable kit is recommended for those rooms with weird shapes or rooms full of fixtures. It’s easily manoeuvred on the subfloor, so you can lay it as desired.

The good thing about the cable is you can control the versatility entirely. It can accommodate any room, no matter the shape.

It’s thin enough to fit between the subfloor and flooring and is durable, so you can tile straight over it.

I decided against the cable as my primary research was done on the floor mats. It’s still a reliable alternative if the mats do not suit your needs.

Guide To Buying Underfloor Heating Kits

When buying your underfloor heating kit, consider these key factors.

Heating Efficiency

How good is the heating output? You don’t want something that doesn’t satisfy your warm feet needs. Use 150W in your standard rooms. Use 200W in rooms that could succumb to additional heat loss or if you want that extra kick of warmth in the winter.

Ease Of Installation

It must be easy if you’re pulling out your dad’s tool belt and laying this baby yourself. Ensure it has good instructions and technical assistance if you need it. Or if you’re like me and don’t even glance at the instructions, ensure it’s self-explanatory.


Don’t buy something you’ll be replacing in a few years. Everyone is looking for the best price, but you’ll be guaranteed an excellent, efficient service from a kit you invest in and spend the market rate on.

Also, consider the durability; the installation process can be rigid, so ensure you pick something that can hold itself together and not fall at the first hurdle.

Energy Efficiency

Traditional radiators crank up the heat to a scorching 65-75°C. The main advantage of underfloor heating is it works its magic at a gentle 29°C or less, depending on your floor covering. This translates to significant energy savings.

Ensure you get a kit that is the latest style to ensure good energy consumption.

Dad Satisfaction

The most important aspect is to be happy with what you’re buying. A great service from a company trying to sell you mediocre underfloor heating needs to be cut.

Head out, speak to experts, look and feel the kits you’re interested in and ensure you’re satisfied with what you’re getting.

underfloor heating kits

Our Verdict

Underfloor heating kits are valuable for money and offer a brilliant alternative to your traditional type of heating. 

After installing mine, I wouldn’t go back. For the winter months, it’s a fantastic addition to my household. The Underfloor Heating World Mat Kit 200W is an excellent choice for an efficient, robust heating solution to warm my toes while I have my number two.

While constant underfloor heating can give steady warmth, more cost-effective alternatives exist. Modern systems are energy-efficient, and using programmable thermostats to manage temperature based on your daily schedule can help you optimise energy use and save money.

Underfloor heating, while very dependable, can only sometimes provide great service. Air pockets in the system, broken thermostats, or damaged heating elements are all potential sources of problems.

Regular maintenance, appropriate installation, and skilled troubleshooting are critical for identifying and resolving any issues.

Underfloor heating does not need to be on continually to achieve the best performance. Programmable thermostats allow you to create custom heating schedules based on your demands, delivering comfort when needed while saving energy during inactivity, eventually adding to cost efficiency.

The installation time for underfloor heating varies according to room size, flooring type, and system selection. On average, it may take a few days due to the necessity for precise design, laying out the heating components, and allowing time for the system to be tested and commissioned.

While underfloor heating has numerous advantages, it is important to evaluate the potential drawbacks. These may include the initial installation expense, particularly for retrofitting, and the chance of decreased efficiency if the system needs to be maintained correctly. Furthermore, some floor coverings may affect heat transfer efficiency.

The Best Underfloor Heating Kits To Keep Your Feet Warm

Thanks for reading our article on the best underfloor heating kits. Please go check out our blog HERE for more advice for those handy dads out there.



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