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How To Choose The Right DeWalt Nail Gun Twin Pack For Your DIY Project

Dewalt is a premium tool manufacturer that produces high-quality tools built to last, and the Dewalt Nail Gun Twin Pack does not disappoint.

This duo comprises the DCN 692 framing nailer and the DCN 660 finishing nailer. Both nail guns come with a brushless motor, which produces a very generous run time. This enables you to fire more nails off a single charge.

dewalt nail gun twin pack

The DCN 660 finishing nailer does from 32 mils to 63 mils on a 16 gauge finishing nail, and the DCN 692 framing nailer will do from 50 mils up to 90 mils on a clipped head or whole round head nail.

The Dewalt framing nailer is a first-fix nailer, so it can be used on anything you need a strong bond, like roofing or decking-type scenarios.

The finishing nailer is obviously for your delicate projects, such as architraves, skirting boards, and door casings.

The DeWalt Nail Gun Twin Pack Overview

dewalt nail gun twin pack

DeWalt DCN 692 Framing Nailer

As previously mentioned, I have been able to use the DEWALT Framing Nailer extensively in various framing and conversion projects at home and within a worksite environment. Here’s what I felt it excelled in and what I could do better at.

Wireless Convenience

The cordless design of this nail gun has been a game-changer for me. The Dewalt Framing Nailer uses a mechanical operation rather than a gas operation, which has allowed me to fire over 2,000 nails with it in the past year alone.

Its portability has been invaluable for me to complete my projects efficiently. With no cords or air hoses, I’ve enjoyed the freedom and mobility to fire in the tightest spaces.

Reliable Performance

Despite its cordless nature, the DEWALT Framing Nailer delivers consistent power and precision placement. The 5Ah Li-ion battery provides ample runtime. The magazine holds 55 paper collated nails when complete.

Battery Efficiency

Despite its powerful performance, the nail gun’s battery efficiency is impressive. With the ability to drive hundreds of nails and more on a single charge, I’ve found it a reliable apprentice for long days of framing work.

The juice would last a full day’s work before needing a recharge, and the power remained good. 

Ease of Use

The handle is the DeWalt signature ergonomic design. It is comfortable to handle and straightforward to operate. The tool-free depth adjustment wheel enables precise control over nail depth, ensuring professional results every time. Pick up, aim and fire.


The DEWALT Framing Nailer performs admirably, whether I’m sheathing, framing walls, or engaging in other heavy-duty tasks. The anti-jam lever and built-in light add to its functionality, improving my experience and minimising downtime. The dry fire lockout also prevents any firing when the magazine is empty.

Limited Nail Capacity

Despite being advertised to hold 55 nails, the practical nail capacity is closer to 40 due to the standard paper-collated strip size. This, unfortunately, means more frequent reloading, especially during intensive tasks and projects, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Loading Mechanism

Unlike some nail guns, the loading mechanism of the DEWALT Framing Nailer requires extra steps. While not a significant issue, it adds a level of inconvenience, particularly when compared to more seamless loading systems.

Flywheel Design

The flywheel-powered mechanism of the nail gun introduces a slight delay between triggering and firing. While not significant, it can lead to occasional misfires if not allowed to fully spool up. Additionally, overloading the magazine can also cause this issue.


While not excessively heavy, the nail gun’s weight may pose a slight challenge during prolonged use. However, I’ve found the trade-off for cordless convenience to be well worth it.

Dewalt nail gun

The DEWALT Framing Nailer offers a compelling blend of performance, convenience, and versatility. While it may have minor drawbacks, its cordless design and reliable operation make it an excellent asset for any Dad DIY enthusiast.

If you’re looking for a powerful and portable framing nailer, I highly recommend considering the DEWALT Framing Nailer.

Thank you for reading my review. Check out the link below for a demonstration video to see the DEWALT Framing Nailer. Feel free to share your own experiences and thoughts in the comments section.

DeWalt Finishing Nailer

dewalt nail gun twin pack

Using the Dewalt DCN Finishing Nailer has undoubtedly helped support my efficiency when working on my projects.

Here are some of the key advantages I’ve found with this cordless nail gun:

Portability and Freedom

Again, the cordless design of the DEWALT DCN 660 provides unparalleled freedom on the worksite. Gone are the days of lugging around a cumbersome compressor and hoses.

This nail gun is grab-and-go, allowing you to move around your project area or worksite environment effortlessly. Who enjoys tangled hoses anyway!


Having fired approximately 1,500 nails through this nail gun, I am pleased to report that I have not experienced a single jam or malfunction, which is huge. The 38mm nails (my go-to size) feed smoothly through the gun, providing consistent performance.

This level of reliability gives the product confidence when I’m firing in awkward positions.

Quick Release Mechanism

One of the standout features of the Finishing Nailer is its quick and easy jam-release mechanism.

Clearing jams is super easy, thanks to the intuitive design of the tool. This feature has saved me valuable time numerous times, allowing me to quickly address any issues and immediately return to work.

Battery Life

Despite using a 2 amp power battery, I have not encountered any significant issues with run times. The battery holds up admirably whether I’m engaged in general carpentry or second-fix tasks.

Adjustable Nail Depth

Setting the nail depth is a simple task with the thumb screw adjustment feature. This allows for precise control over the depth of the nails.

Whether I’m working with different materials or varying nail sizes, this adjustable depth feature allows me to tailor the nail gun to suit the specific requirements of each project.

Magazine Tension Issues

One issue I’ve encountered is related to the magazine tension. Towards the end of a nail strip, I’ve noticed that the spring tension can weaken, causing the remaining nails to not feed properly.

This has led to occasional misfires and interruptions in workflow. While this issue is relatively minor, it can sometimes be frustrating and may require adjustments or maintenance to rectify.

Loading Mechanism

 Loading nails into the magazine can be fiddly compared to other nail guns I have used. The spring retainer system requires careful attention to ensure proper feeding of the nails, adding a slight inconvenience to the reloading process.

Although this loading mechanism is functional, a more user-friendly design could improve user experience and streamline reloading.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the DEWALT DCN 660 nail gun remains a reliable and versatile tool that has greatly enhanced my productivity on the worksite.

How I Tested The DeWalt Nail Gun Twin Pack

Being a keen DIY Dad, I wanted to add a nailer to my ever-growing tool shed. Dewalt has a fantastic reputation in the trade industry. As a tradie, I had come into contact with these nailers when working on a site.

These nailers help me build stud walls in my converted garage, frames, a small bit of carpentry and play around with some woodworking projects in my spare time. I have got a good amount of use out of them to provide an honest assessment of their performance.

I’ll discuss what I liked about each nailer and some stuff that could be better.

dewalt nail gun twin pack

The Dewalt nail gun Twin Pack is exceptionally versatile and powerful, making it an excellent choice for fencing projects. Its dependable performance and ergonomic design ensure precise and efficient nailing, even in harsh outdoor situations. This Twin Pack is the ideal blend of ease and durability for securing pickets, creating rails, and streamlining fencing operations.

While Dewalt brad and finish nailers fulfil similar functions, they offer distinct features for different applications. Because of its finer gauge nails that create few visible holes, a Dewalt brad nailer is commonly used for delicate woodworking tasks like fixing trim and moulding. On the other hand, a Dewalt finish nailer is intended for heavier-duty applications such as baseboard and cabinet installation, and it uses bigger gauge nails for enhanced holding strength and stability.

Carpenters respect the dependability, precision, and longevity that Dewalt nail guns provide. Whether framing, adding trim, or completing delicate woodworking jobs, Dewalt nail guns continually provide excellent performance and durability, cementing themselves as the best products.
With features such as adjustable depth settings and jam-clearing mechanisms, Dewalt nail guns allow carpenters to work more effectively and deliver higher-quality results, making them a vital weapon in every carpenter’s armoury.

Regarding fences, specialists choose a nail gun developed specifically for framing or siding. These nail gun production speeds can quickly drive nails into hard materials such as pressure-treated wood, resulting in strong, long-lasting fence systems. Additionally, using a nail gun with adjustable depth control allows you to tailor nail penetration to the thickness of the fence components, resulting in ideal structural integrity.

While Dewalt nail guns are compatible with various fasteners, using the manufacturer’s recommended nails is critical for the best performance and safety. While Paslode nails may technically fit in a Dewalt nail gun, employing incompatible fasteners can impair the tool’s functioning and cause operational problems or safety dangers.

To maintain the integrity of your Dewalt nail gun and produce the best results, always follow the manufacturer’s suggested nail specifications.

How To Choose The Right DeWalt Nail Gun Twin Pack For Your DIY Project

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