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5 First Rate Jigsaws For Dads Secret Tool Shed

We understand your desire to retreat to your private shed in the far corner of the garden, reserved exclusively for fathers, where you can continue working on your extraordinary wooden masterpiece.

A Dad’s tool shed will eventually require the best jigsaw in its inventory. No, not a thousand pieces depicting some fancy cutlery. A tool with incredible power that can cut through wood surfaces like butter and craft your wares in seconds.

Although spending the day with your wife and children is always enjoyable, you are exhausted and long for solitude to immerse yourself in your creative pursuits, flawlessly cutting planks for your upcoming deck project.

However, you must still select the appropriate jigsaw and determine where to begin your search. Dads require high-quality power tools, and we will assist you in determining which of our five best jigsaws is best for your secret tool shed. After all, your stash can only hold the best jigsaw, so let’s get started.

Which Are The Best Brands For A Jigsaw?

We’ve got some heavy hitters in the best jigsaw space. Makita DJV180Z, VonHaus Jigsaw 800W, and Bosch PST 700 E Compact are all well-known brands. These companies are the tool industry’s rock stars.

Bosch jigsaws are the most popular in Europe. People all over the continent attest to their dependability. And DeWALT jigsaws are no slouch, either. Because of their high quality and versatility, they can handle any duty you throw at them. Makita is another company that competes for the best jigsaw award each year. 

How Much Do The Best Jigsaws Cost?

It is determined by several factors, listed below as an example. The best cordless jigsaws are usually more expensive than corded jigsaws. You are paying for efficiency. You should always check the price, but you should expect to pay a premium for a high-end machine.

Are Jigsaws Worth Adding To Your Toolshed?

Jigsaws are the only portable power tools capable of cutting intricate curves efficiently. This essential feature makes them indispensable for woodworkers looking to speed up tasks beyond the capabilities of a manual coping saw.

How Do I Choose From The Variety Of Jigsaw Machines Out There?

First and foremost, consider the various materials you’ll be cutting. You want a jigsaw that can cut through wood, metal, and everything. Look for one that is adaptable.

Now, usability is critical. As a father, you have enough on your plate, so you want a jigsaw that won’t give you a headache. Look for a comfortable grip that fits your hand perfectly.

Look for a jigsaw with a dust blower. Your cleanup task has already been completed, saving you from the dreaded debris cloud.

Let’s talk about power. You need a jigsaw with enough power to cut through materials like butter. In your father’s tool shed, no wimpy tools are permitted.

Do you want a corded or cordless model? Tangled cords are annoying, but so is charging a battery.

Look for a laser-guided jigsaw. It’s all about getting the perfect cut and precision.

When it comes to picking the best jigsaw for you, consider the materials you’ll be working with, the ease of use, that dust blower for a clean workspace, the sheer power for unstoppable cutting, cordless models for freedom, a laser guide if you’re feeling posh, and a comfortable grip that feels like it was made just for you.

A Buyers Guide To The Best Jigsaws In The UK in 2023


When it comes to jigsaws, there is a power struggle going on. Corded jigsaws are measured in watts, which range from 400 to 900. Meanwhile, the cordless ones have about the same number of strokes per minute (ppm) as a powerful motor.

But here’s the thing: We’re all about usability, right? Forget about the watts for a moment and concentrate on the spam. Look for a jigsaw with a stroke rate of around 3,000 per minute. That’s where the magic happens.

Orbital Cutting Action

Some jigsaws take it further using an orbital cutting action, in which the blade moves forward while cutting straight lines.

The best orbital jigsaws do not require much pressure; you can glide the jigsaw with a comfortable grip while they easily handle materials with no sweat required.

Their superior engineering ensures the blade remains rock-solid while cutting in two directions.


Forget about orbital cutting for a moment because we have something even more incredible in store for you. Prepare to be amazed by the “Variable Speed Trigger” and the powerful motors.

So, how do you bring the beast under control? It all comes down to pressure management. You have two options: apply just the right amount of pressure to that trigger or locate a dedicated switch that puts you in charge of speed control.

There will be no more one-size-fits-all cutting. It’s time to take command, let your imagination run wild, embrace the variable speed trigger, and let the powerful motors do their thing.


Let’s talk about blades. The game is ruled by different blades, and cut depths are conquered like champions.

When slicing through wood and metal, the right blade is essential. It’s like a secret weapon that unlocks your jigsaw’s true potential. Different materials necessitate the use of different blades.

Let’s move on to the U-shank blades. The industry has progressed to a new era, and T-shank blades have taken over, with twin protrusions at the far end of the cutting edge to identify them.


The world of jigsaws is more than just straight lines. Prepare yourself for some severe curve control and the art of long cuts.

Jigsaws are more than just masters of straight lines; they also have some fancy moves up their sleeves. They’re ready to rock those 45-degree incisions with adjustable bases like it’s no big deal.

Curve-controlled jigsaws are an excellent value when it comes to adding style and finesse to your cutting game.

Corded & Cordless

Should you get a cordless tool or stick with a corded one? We’re here to provide advice and insight.

Let’s start with the tried-and-true corded jigsaw. It’s like having a dependable friend who never fails to provide a constant power supply when you need it the most. You can work nonstop, slicing through your projects without fear of running out of steam. Furthermore, the affordability factor is a significant benefit. Corded jigsaws are inexpensive and will not break the bank.

Let’s now explore the world of cordless options. Say goodbye to tangled cables as you manoeuvre around objects. No more interruptions will be caused by the cord not reaching far enough for precise cuts. You can even take your cordless jigsaw outside to cut tasks without being tethered to a power outlet, which reduces dust exposure.

Notably, cordless jigsaws are typically slightly more expensive than corded counterparts. This is primarily because batteries and chargers are included. However, here’s a helpful hint: Check to see if your existing power tool batteries are compatible. If so, you can save money by using the same battery.

So, the choice boils down to embracing corded tools’ reliability and affordability or enjoying cordless freedom’s convenience. Whatever path you choose, remember to keep your creative momentum going. If you decide to go the corded route, consider using an extension lead to ensure flexibility in your workspace.


Jigsaws are biased for generating friction and heat, making them a slick challenge. The soft grip revolution has begun. You can say goodbye to sweaty, slippery situations with a rubberised handgrip.

Don’t let the heat and friction deter you from tackling a woodworking project. Get a soft-grip jigsaw to keep your hand comfortable and firmly in place.


The cutting depth of your jigsaw must be considered and can have a different impact on your project depending on which jigsaw you choose. When working with metal, the cutting depth is usually less than that of a wood-cutting jigsaw.

The best jigsaws provide nearly twice the timber cutting depth of 70mm found in lower-priced models.

Light & Laser Guidance

If your personal tool shed receives little natural light, a jigsaw with a laser guide and LED light should be considered when adding the best jigsaw to your dad’s tool shed.

An LED light will help illuminate your cutting area, while a good, bright laser line will help you follow straight, neat lines. Your curved cuts, however, defeat the object.

Dust Blower 

All of the best jigsaws produce dust. It usually settles directly ahead of your blade in the cutting area, so using a dust blower to blow it away can be helpful. Unfortunately, even the best jigsaws lack the standard vacuum cleaner-style dust collector on sanders.

These are our essential jigsaw shopping tips. Now, let’s take a look at the best models available in the UK right now.

The Best 5 Jigsaws In The UK in 2023

Our Pick

Bosch PST 700 E

Lightweight & Compact | Up To 70MM Cutting Capacity | 45-90 Degree Angles | Solid In Your Hand | Double Sided Lock Switch | Line Blower | Corded Electric


– Highly regarded as one of the best jigsaws available.
– Powerful tool suitable for woodworkers.
– Lightweight design (1.7 kg) for easy manoeuvrability.
– Impressive stroke rates (500 to 3,100 pm) without compromising strength.
– Versatile cutting capacity: 70mm for wood, 10mm for aluminium.
– Instantaneous response to trigger pressure adjustments.
– Convenient double-sided lock switch for both right and left-handed users.
– Cutting line blower enhances visibility during operation.
– Affordable price point.
– Reliable plug-in device, always available for use.


– Limited steel cutting depth (4mm).
– Not cordless, which might not suit those who prioritise cordless operation.


Regarded as one of the best jigsaws available, the Bosch PST 700 E proves to be an excellent choice for woodworkers seeking a robust yet lightweight tool.

Weighing a mere 1.7 kg, this model doesn’t compromise strength, boasting stroke rates ranging from 500 to 3,100 pm. It easily tackles various materials with an impressive cutting capacity of 70mm for wood and 10mm for aluminium. Although the steel cutting depth is limited to 4mm, its overall performance remains highly commendable.

Featuring a convenient double-sided lock switch, the PST 700 E ensures easy operation for both right-handed and left-handed users. Another notable highlight is the cutting line blower, which can be deactivated when unnecessary. However, the true gem lies in its throttle sensitivity, allowing instantaneous response to trigger pressure adjustments.

While some buyers may prefer cordless alternatives, the PST 700 E remains an excellent choice for those who prioritise the always-available reassurance of a plug-in device. Its price point is also affordable, even for casual handy dads.

Without a doubt, the Bosch PST 700 E stands as a top contender in the realm of jigsaws, earning its reputation as one of the best options in the market.


Makita DJV182Z

A Brushless Motor | Cordless | Trigger Switch & Lock Button | LED Light | 3500 RPM | Soft Start Functionality



– Renowned brand in the jigsaw market.
– Top-handle design ideal for home use.
– Impressive speed range (800 to 3,500 rpm) for versatile cutting.
– Advanced brushless motor adjusts torque and rpm intelligently for different applications.
– Motor operates cooler and more efficiently due to lack of carbon brushes.
– Extended motor lifespan.
– Variable speed control dial for precise speed matching.
– Toolless blade clamp for effortless blade attachment and removal.
– Multiple orbital settings and straight cutting mode for various cutting needs.
– The “Soft no load” function reduces vibrations during idle periods for user comfort.


It might be relatively expensive compared to other models.
– Designed primarily for home use, it may not suit heavy-duty professional needs.
– Lack of specific information about cutting capacities for different materials.


Renowned as one of the biggest names on the jigsaw market, the Makita DJV182Z is a top-handle machine, making it an ideal choice for home use. It delivers an impressive speed range of 800 to 3,500 rpm.

What sets this jigsaw apart is its advanced brushless motor, which intelligently adjusts torque and rpm to meet the demands of each application. By eliminating carbon brushes, the motor operates cooler, resulting in enhanced efficiency and an extended lifespan.

The DJV182Z offers exceptional control with its variable speed control dial, enabling dads to precisely match the speed to the specific cutting task and achieve optimal performance across various materials. With its convenient tool-less blade clamp, blade attachment and removal become effortless.

The jigsaw also features a trigger switch with a lock-on button and a change lever for swift transitions between three orbital settings and straight cutting.
An added highlight is the inclusion of a “soft no load” function, automatically reducing the motor speed during idle periods to minimise machine body vibrations.

This contributes to a smoother and more comfortable user experience. When seeking the best jigsaw for home use, the DJV182Z is a superior choice, offering outstanding performance, user-friendly features, and unmatched durability.



Lightweight | Lithium-ion Technology | Brushless Motor | 3200 SPM | 26MM Stroke Length | 135MM Cutting Capacity | Cordless | Speed Control



– Utilises cutting-edge 18V XR lithium-ion technology.
– Brushless motor enhances runtime and overall performance.
– High no-load speed (3200spm) and long stroke length (26mm) for efficient cutting.
– Impressive cutting capacities: 135mm in wood, 25mm in aluminium.
– 4-position pendulum action for adjustable cutting aggressiveness.
– Tool-free adjustable shoe with an angle of up to 47° in both directions.
– Improved tool-free blade change mechanism for precise cuts.
– Ergonomic top handle design with separate lock-off switch and speed control wheel.
– Dual LED lights for improved visibility in low-light conditions.
– Built-in dust blower maintains a clean workspace.


– Might be priced higher due to advanced features and technology.
– Relatively heavier compared to some other models on the market.


The 18V XR brushless jigsaw features cutting-edge XR lithium-ion technology, including a brushless motor for exceptional runtime and performance. This powerful jigsaw is designed for easy handling and boasts a maximum 3200spm no-load speed and a 26mm stroke length.

With a remarkable 135mm cutting capacity in wood and 25mm cutting capacity in aluminium, it effortlessly tackles various materials.
Achieving precise results is effortless with the 4-position pendulum action, which allows you to control the aggressiveness or smoothness of cuts.

The tool-free adjustable shoe, equipped with an anti-scratch cover, can bevel up to 47° in both directions. Notably, the improved tool-free blade change mechanism secures the blade firmly, maintaining its squareness during operation for ultimate precision.

To enhance your experience, the top handle features a trigger with a separate lock-off switch and an easily accessible speed control wheel, ensuring optimal handling and control. Working in low-light situations is a breeze, with dual LED lights illuminating the workpiece.

The built-in dust blower also keeps your workspace clean, allowing for accurate cuts without debris.

Weighing only 2.1kg, it offers effortless handling while delivering impressive power. Whether you prioritise efficiently handling tasks or maintaining clean work spaces, this 18V XR brushless jigsaw is the ideal choice.


Ryobi R18JS-0 ONE+

Cordless | 25mm Stroke Length | Fast Cutting Speed | LED Light | Lightweight | Great Price



– Cordless operation offers convenient mobility.
– Utilises 18V power for impressive cutting performance.
– Versatile cutting speed (1,100-3,000spm) and stroke length (25mm).
– Handling up to 101mm in wood and 6mm in steel.
– One-handed speed control for easy adjustments.
– 4-stage pendulum action enhances cutting performance.
– Toolless blade clamp for quick and effortless blade changes.
– Lock-on switch for continuous operation.
– Integrated LED work light enhances visibility.
– Easy base adjustment for cutting angles from 0° to 45°.


– Might need more advanced features found in higher-priced models.
– Limited battery life and runtime.
– Designed for everyday use, it may not suit heavy-duty professional needs.


The R18JS-0 offers the fantastic convenience of a cordless jigsaw operation while delivering impressive 18V power, making it an excellent choice for Ryobi kit owners. With its 1,100-3,000spm cutting speed and 25mm stroke length, this jigsaw allows for fast and efficient cutting, handling up to 101mm in wood and 6mm in steel.

This cordless budget jigsaw features a 25mm stroke length, making it perfect for cutting wood at various angles. Adjusting the speed is a breeze with the one-handed speed control, allowing you to adapt to different applications effortlessly.

Its 4-stage pendulum action enhances your cutting performance, and the tool-less blade clamp enables quick and easy blade changes. The lock-on switch ensures continuous operation.

Additionally, the integrated LED work light illuminates the cutting line and the work area, providing optimal visibility. With easy base adjustment, you can effortlessly cut at angles ranging from 0° to 45°.
It is a fantastic budget jigsaw for everyday use in your dad’s toolshed.


Bosch Professional GST 150 BCE Corded 110 V Jigsaw

Corded | 780W Motor | Variable Speed Trigger | East Blade Change | Lightweight



– Regarded as one of the best jigsaws in the UK.
– Precise, controllable, and ergonomic bow handle design.
– Suitable for various materials, including wood, aluminium, and steel.
– High-ranking reviews for its power and performance.
– 780 W motor for deep cutting in various materials.
– Variable speed trigger and electronic speed preselection for control.
– The 4-stage pendulum action provides options for different cutting styles.
– SDS toolless system for quick and easy blade changes.
– Ergonomically shaped bow handle with soft-grip surfaces for comfort.
– Compact size (250 x 214 mm) and manageable weight (2.7 Kg).


– It may be relatively heavier compared to other models on the market.


If you’re looking for one of the best jigsaws currently sold in the UK, look no further than this Bosch model. With its precise, controllable, and ergonomic bow handle design, this jigsaw tool is packed with power and performance.

It suits various materials, including complex and thick wooden beams, aluminium, steel, etc.
Regarding jigsaw tool reviews, the Bosch model consistently ranks high. It’s capable of tackling plenty of jobs with ease.

Its 780 W motor ensures deep cutting, effortlessly handling wood up to 150 mm thick, aluminium up to 20 mm thick, and unalloyed steel up to 10 mm thick.
What sets this jigsaw apart is its controllable power. It features a variable speed trigger, electronic speed preselection, and a 4-stage pendulum action, providing options for higher speed or cleaner cuts.

This level of control allows you to match the saw’s performance with the material and the specific job at hand.
When it’s time for blade changes, the Bosch jigsaw’s SDS toothless system makes the process fast and simple.

The SDS blade clamping ensures a firm hold and high cutting accuracy. You can trust this jigsaw to deliver precise results.

It is powerful and precise, but the Bosch jigsaw prioritises Dad’s comfort. The ergonomically shaped bow handle features soft-grip surfaces, making it operate comfortably. Measuring 250 x 214 mm and weighing 2.7 Kg, it’s compact and easy to manoeuvre.
This Bosch model stands out as a top choice. Its power, precision, ease of use, and ergonomic design make it a reliable tool that will excel in Dad’s workshop.

What About The Blades?

Sure, you can purchase the best jigsaw the UK offers, but what about the blades? When examining a jigsaw blade, you’ll notice its similarity to a traditional hand saw blade rather than a circular saw blade. This blade type is renowned for its deliberate back-and-forth motion, allowing for efficient wood cutting.

The performance and characteristics of the blade determine how smoothly and effectively it can slice through materials. We aim to assist you in selecting the perfect jigsaw blade to invest in. 

Blade Quantity

The number of blades in a set is essential. A set can have a low count, such as 10, or a higher count, like 50 or 40. Although the blade count doesn’t directly affect cutting efficiency, it impacts the set’s versatility. More blades mean greater flexibility for various tasks.

Blade Teeth

The rating of jigsaw blades is determined by their teeth per inch (TPI). A higher rating indicates more teeth on the blade. Typically, you’ll find blades with 30 or 20 TPI. More teeth provide better performance as they cut through materials more effectively.

Carrying Case

Many jigsaw blades come neatly arranged in carrying cases, which is handy for storage and transportation. A carrying case is also ideal for safety since sharp saw blades can be dangerous. Additionally, a proper case helps protect the blades from rust and dust, ensuring their longevity. If your saw blades come in a durable and secure case, you can rest easy about storage.

Blade Material

The material used for jigsaw blades determines their strength and quality. Various materials are utilised, including bi-metal, high-speed steel, carbide, and high-carbon steel. Each material offers its advantages:

– Carbide blades are suitable for cutting materials other than wood, such as stainless steel, tile, or glass.

– High carbon steel blades excel at cutting soft materials like softwood, soft plastic, or fiberboard.

– High-speed steel blades are designed for cutting non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminium due to their excellent abrasive resistance.

– Bi-metal blades combine high-speed and carbon steel, making them long-lasting and capable of cutting through hard metals.

Blade Length

Saw blades come in various lengths; longer blades allow for deeper cuts while more prone to bending. With a longer blade with a low TPI, you can still achieve excellent results due to the increased cutting surface.

Blade Width

Similar to blade length, blade width varies, typically 3/8 inch or ¼ inch. A wider 3/8-inch blade is ideal for cutting gradual curves, while a thin ¼-inch blade is perfect for tighter curves. The best blade width depends on the specific requirements of your project.

Tooth Direction

Jigsaw blades can have teeth pointing either upwards or downwards. Blades with standard tooth direction (pointing upwards) cut on the upstroke, resulting in splintering on the top of the board and tear-out on the back. Conversely, blades with a reverse tooth direction (pointing downwards) cut on the downstroke, eliminating the need to flip the board.

Blade Shanks

There are three types of shanks: T-shank, Bayonet shank, and U-shank. Bayonet shanks are no longer commonly used; if you have one, it’s time to replace it. U-shanks, which require tools for blade changes, have also become outdated, but blades made with this type are relatively budget-friendly.

Today’s best jigsaw blades utilise the T-shank design, which has become a favourite among users. The tiny wings on T-shank blades hold them securely in place and offer a comfortable grip. The best part is that changing T-shank blades is as simple as pushing a button.

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We have explored and reviewed the five best jigsaws in the UK in 2023. These fantastic tools offer a range of features, performance capabilities, and cutting-edge technologies to suit every artisan’s needs.

Whether you’re a Dad DIY enthusiast or a professional woodworker, investing in the best jigsaw and selecting the suitable blades is crucial for achieving outstanding results. With the information provided by our dads at Dads Tool Shed in this blog post, you can make an informed decision and elevate your woodworking projects to new heights. Happy jigsawing!



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